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199068- (15003201) Exhaust Wadding/Yarn Models all years
199068- (15003201) Exhaust Wadding/Yarn Models all years
-Genuine Husaberg NEW/ "OLD" STOCK PARTS!!! From our shipment ...
Price:   19.00
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We have been Tuning and Enduro Racing our 400cc Husabergs since 2000, our 400cc Bergs started with a very reasonable 32bhp an now produce a staggering 42bhp. Our 570cc Berg has had suspension tuning work caried out, giving it handling thats second to none.


Having had in excess of 29 years of racing and tuning experience with motorbikes both on and off road we can improve performace, reliability and handling. We really can squeeze every last inch out of your standard engine, we know all of the tricks in the "book" and have tried and tested them all. Take a look at our "Fast Movers (HOT PARTS)" section for current modifications.


Jockular From the unofficial Husaberg forum say's "Whahey, it now has so much torque. It's unreal"


Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss what we can do to help you get the most from your Berg. Below is a list of some of the items that we do, we add to them as we develop new items. Please take a look at our Racing Parts section.


"Top end" Camshafts: more power, reliability and quieter Click HERE


Dual Valve Spring Kits: absorbs less power, more reliable and quieter Click HERE


IWIS Camchains: lighter, stronger & lasts longer (15-30% lighter and 30% stronger) Click HERE


Taffmeisters Billet Intake Stub and Boot: better for porting than the no longer available original Click HERE


Racing Cam Sprockets and Camchains: reduces "squish" to give a better burn Click HERE


Keihin Pilot Screw: precision carb adjustment Click HERE


High Compression Piston Click HERE


Taffmeisters Jetting Kit inc. The Super Needle Click HERE


Cylinder head porting: larger valves Click HERE


SEM Ignition Module: Repair service, race tuning available Click HERE


42mm carb conversion, Belmouth, air filter adaptor, Air filter, jetting kit Click HERE


37/36mm Alloy steel inlet valves Click HERE


32mm Alloy steel exhaust valves Click HERE


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