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199111 - (19010701/02/03) Decal Set FC 1998 400/501/600 MOTOX
199111 - (19010701/02/03) Decal Set FC 1998 400/501/600 MOTOX
Genuine Husaberg NEW/ "OLD" STOCK PARTS!!! From our shipment F...
Price:   105.00
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100948 - GT85 Spray Can 400ml (Lubricant,Penetrator & water displacer 5.99

GT85 400ml SPRAY CAN.

A lubricant, penetrator and water displacer, with Teflon. Ideal for cable lubing or spraying on after washing to give your bike that professional look.

GT85 will ease cycle transmissions, bearings, hubs, brakes and cables and after the action, spray on after cleaning down for total protection, avoid your brakes of course! GT85 can be used in car maintenance and finishing. GT85 protects and lubricates and starts damp engines. It will protect paintwork, woodwork, vinyl, plastic and chrome. GT85 is a strong penetrating oil and will free rusted bolts, hinges, door and window gear.

This product was added to our catalogue on Friday 16 June, 2017.
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